Nisga’a Butterfly

My Nisga’a Butterfly seemed to be the only one of its nature and colour and it followed me through the Nisga’a lands (British Columbia, Canada) for two days. I thought it odd as I was mostly driving. Every time I was stopped, it would fly about me – seemingly trying to get my attention. Everytime I tried to take its picture, it would somehow take flight and move quicker than I could! I discussed this with my bed and breakfast hosts and they told me – he’s speaking to you – you need to design him. And then, after visiting the falls, the butterfly was flying about again and I told it, well then, stop so I can take your picture! And it did… landed right at my feet on the pavement and waited! And so I designed my Nisga’a butterfly.
butterflythumbnail  I find that when I’m out for hikes, some kind of butterfly seems to follow me along the path.

Butterfly Totem and Spirit background:

Totem: represent grace and beauty

Spirit: Butterflies are symbols of the soul; in many cultures they represent the cycle of birth, death and transformation. They are a spiritual affirmation if they appear in your life.

In a well-known Dreaming about Butterfly, as caterpillar she goes off in search for the meaning of death.  The other creatures laugh at her quest because she is so small and insignificant.  She returns as the first glorious butterfly, with much wisdom about death and life.

The unfolding of a butterfly’s wings is said to be capable of causing an earthquake on the other side of the world, (the Chaos theory.) Seeing results in seemingly chaotic situations make hindsight clearer. With the fluttering of Butterfly’s wings, a good opportunity is presented to look at the patterns in your life and the seemingly haphazard events that resulted in the most profound and significant changes in your path. Similar changes to these will be gently fanned into your life – unless this action is what tips the scales and a full-force cyclone is unleashed! There is a pattern to chaos; it may be random yet predictable; a paradox and a challenge for you to look ahead at your direction or goals and where Life seems to be pushing you.

With such power attributed to something so gentle, Butterfly is easy to crush, so fragile.  This paradox, powerful yet weak, is a symbol of life.  Every action, no matter how large or small, will bring a counter-action.  Butterfly reminds you to be aware of consequences and to see those disparate aspects within yourself, which are poles apart, yet create balance and unity in your foundation.