Aug 2012              Collaborative Kiln Casting with Linda Ross, Session 5 at Pilchuck Glass School, Stanwood WA  Linda Ross is a renowned glass casting artist from Boston, Ma.  During this three week intensive hands-on course, we learnt a combination of mold making and lost wax kiln casting.  We produced quite a few castings and learnt to work with various kinds of molds for various stages of creating waxes and investment molds for glass casting. I also attended cold working, print making and collaborative hot glass sessions while in attendance at Pilchuck Glass School.

March 2010          Powders: Colour, Components and Crackle! By Robert Leatherbarrow, Salt Spring Island BC  Robert Leatherbarrow is a renowned artist from Calgary and now BC.  During this five day intensive hands-on course, we learnt to work with glass powders, reactive glass colors, cold working procedures, kiln firing schedules, glass display.

May 2009              Glass Casting with Mold Mix 6 by Melanie Rowe, Vancouver BC  Melanie Rowe is a renowned artist from BC.  During this three day hands on course, we learnt lost wax casting methods, 3D molds and texture plates.

Aug 2008              Image Transfer on Clay with Paul Andrew Wandless, Kelowna BC  Paul Andrew Wandless is a renowned artist from Chicago.  During this three day hands-on intensive course, we learnt traditional printmaking techniques like screens, stencils, adhesive stencils, floating screens, silk-screens, sponge screening and linoprints.  We used these techniques to create either monoprints in either a “suite” or “edition” by casting with clay on a plaster of paris ‘canvass’ to obtain direct printing on clay.

March 2007          Paperclay Workshop by Graham Hay, California USA  Graham Hay is a renowned artist from Australia.  During this three day, hands-on intensive course, we learnt how to make paperclay, do speed casting, immersions, working with media as either a “burn-out” or “skeleton”.

Pilchuck School of Glass:

2013 Corning Incorporated Award Nominee

The prestigious Corning Incorporated Award is made possible by a grant from the Corning Incorporated Foundation.  It honors one outstanding student from the previous summer and covers all program fees and the utility fee for a course.

Every year, one student from each class is nominated by their instructor(s) for the opportunity to compete for the Corning Incorporated Award.  In 2013, 31 nominees were eligible for this prestigious award and Alisa Nielsen was one of these 31 nominees.

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