Welcome to my website!

I am an Architectural Technologist and an Interior Designer who has sought a creative outlet that reunites me with my ancestors.  I enjoy sharing traditional ‘Ksan imagery (Northwest Coast – Tsimshian) while playing with form and function.

Spirit Wolf Design,

Creations By Alisa Nielsen

Northwest Coast Glass Art

Authentic Aboriginal Art

My work is a unique blend and balance of glasswork inspired and informed by my Gitxsan and Carrier heritage. Many of my design inspirations come from travel and natural habitats – rock formation, creature designs, even the media utilized.

I use copper inlays to create my design detail which I have created using traditional formwork and then “skeletonized” the design to control the copper movement in the glass creation. Each of my glass “colorways” are created using several colors and layers of powdered glass which are sifted and have gone through a fusing process prior.

Although born and raised in Vancouver, BC, my roots are in Kispiox (‘Ksan), a Gitxsan Carrier Tribe originating in the Hazleton, BC area. I belong to the Wolf House (Wilp Lax Gibuu), traditionally the sect responsible for hosting the ceremonial feasts (pot latch) and providing many social and healing services. Traditional items of trade that represented wealth and prosperity were items containing copper and abalone.

Currently residing in Summerland, BC, I enjoy sharing traditional ‘Ksan imagery while playing with form and function.